Andy Moresi

Musician in Los Angeles


I have been playing music my whole life. I began songwriting at a very young age, almost quite by accident. Before I knew it, piano lessons and singing in school and church choirs occupied much of my time. Over the years I have had the privilege to study, rehearse and perform in many different musical environments with the most amazing musicians on earth.

My studio recording experience began at 16 with my first trio (debut on guitar). My first road gig, at 17, in New Orleans as guitarist for The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod's national youth gathering jazz band, performing for over 32 thousand attendees. As a freelance musician. I enjoy working on concerts and projects with all sorts of singers and songwriters. I also perform regularly in musical theatre orchestras and have composed for film and television.

I am a member of The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 47 chapter. Thanks to my family and friends that help, support and guide my path in life, heath and work is dedicated to all of the wonderful musicians and teachers that gave me so much inspiration.

Orchestral Musician

Guitar & Keyboard


Independent Freelance

Musician (Hired Gun) Voice/Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Ukulele

Top secret ;)


Guitar/Piano/Ukulele/Bass Teaching individual, one on one, and group lessons at music stores and in private residential homes for more than a decade.

Music Therapy Assistant Song Leader/Guitarist

Respect and Understanding Non-Profit LLC (September '11-Current) Leading concert style sing-a-long sessions at residential care homes with individuals who have dementia or have suffered from strokes or other disabilities as well as room to room singing for those who have severe mobility issues.